Frequently asked questions

1. What does the service provide?

Without the need for programming and in a short time frame, the potential for creating a mobile application with management and support.

Strengthen marketing with mobile ways to influence customers through notifications (PUSH), beacons (iBeacon), geofences (Geofencing) and others.

2. How much time is allowed for developing an application?

The TRIAL version will be available for 30 days, free of charge. Then you will be able to choose your subscription, BASIC or PREMIUM, with different levels of functionality for your application.

3. After publishing, is it still possible to modify my application?

Yes! You will be able to modify your application as many times as you want. Users will receive updates in their smartphones after you publish the changes in WhiteBase control panel.

4. How many mobile applications can be made from one WhiteBase account?

One registration, (Account ID), will allow to publish only one application.

5. How to publish a finished mobile application?

After paying the bill, our specialist will help to publish the finished application in the markets.

6. What is an individual membership?

Individual membership includes personal assistance from an online technician through every stage of the application creation process, and further management for efficient operation.

7. What is Beacon?

A beacon is a device that through radio waves using Bluetooth 4.0 Protocol well known as Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) warns mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets about its presence.

The device and the main work of a beacon involves sending a certain amount of information called frames within a given period of time. A mobile device located in the coverage area of the beacon receives information and recognizes it as its own based on the installed application.

The action is initiated at the input or output from the signal propagation zone.

Possible applications are as follows:

  • Assistance to businesses in distribution of targeted offers to their customers.
  • Provision of supplementary information.

8. What is iBeacon™ beacon?

iBeacon™ is an Apple radio beacon protocol that allows Bluetooth devices to transmit data for short distances to the receiver. iBeacon™ was released in 2013 and caused a revolution due to its own implementation in the iOS operating system.

9. What is Eddystone™ beacon?

Eddystone™ is an open Google beacon protocol that allows Bluetooth devices with low power consumption to transmit data for short distances to the receiver. The advantage of this protocol is the ability to install and send four different advertising packages (frame types).

Eddystone-UID: an equivalent to iBeacon, the transmittance of an advertising package with a specific ID to launch the functionality of the mobile application. Eddystone-URL: this beacon frame sends the URL directly to the air. Any user of Google Chrome (only this firmware at the moment) can drag to the notification panel the information of the beacons located around and interact with the business, without the need for applications.

Eddystone-TLM (telemetry): meeting the requests for various sensors with progressive cases of data use. Available upon separate agreement. An ideal way to monitor temperature, duration of working time, etc.

Eddystone™ is officially supported by both operating systems.

10. How can I reset or change beacon settings?

Beacon settings mean the change of the URL address. Changes can be made in the control panel of your account, in the Beacon Administration Section.

11. How long does the battery last for?

The battery life for the beacon depends on the internal configuration, the frequency of the signals sent. 2 to 4 years.

12. How can I replace the battery of the beacon?

It is not difficult to replace the battery. In the Beacon Universal model, by turning the cover counterclockwise. Closing the cover of the beacon, align the marks on the side face of the device. In the Beacon Street model, by removing the front panel of the beacon, unscrew 4 screws at the corners of the beacon. After replacing the batteries, assemble the product in reverse order.

13. How often do the beacons require to be reconfigured?

The beacon configuration is retained after replacing the battery.

14. Do obstacles, walls impact the signal from the beacon?

According to the technical specification, they do not affect, but based on the experience, the range of coverage is somewhat reduced.

15. How can I attach a beacon?

There is double-sided adhesive tape on the reverse side of the Beacon Universal. The fastening of the Street Beacon is supplemented with the alignment screws.

16. What is the best place to attach a beacon to?

At your sole discretion, maximally visually overlapping the location of your business and ensuring the safety of the product.

17. How do customers and visitors get to know about the working beacon?

The Physical Web icon indicates installed beacons.

18. The URL address entered in the control panel is not activated in mobile devices.

You can check the compliance of the URL address with Google requirements on the resource physical-web/url-validator.


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